Before the Yellows and the Blues

A Series of Stories About My College Life

Front and Back Covers

With how demanding America's education system can be, there must be words worth telling from the inside. I graduated from a very prestigious high school and entering design school deflected from the status quo. I've gathered my past and current experiences into Before the Yellows and the Blues in order to share my story on entering higher education.

Developing this book came with many challenges. A first, I wanted to create one book for my entire college life and a small section for exiting high school. Eventually, during the process, this became a larger task than expected and as a result, the idea was split into six parts. Each part would become its own book, covering a general period of time during my college career. Before the Yellows and the Blues is the first part of six, covering the time I exited high school and entered Drexel.

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