Artistic Music Poster

Music Poster Head Photo

This mixed media music poster for the artist Galdive, aims to encapsulate the essence of their music. From wire, to watercolors, to digital etouching, many steps were taken during the artistic process to create a poster with the intention to be looked at.


The process of creating this poster had many phases. Starting with listening to the artist's music and identifying common themes and ideas was the first challenge. Identifying that a calm, serene tone of music accompanied with a soft spoken voice led me to develop a starting graphic for the poster.

Face Outline Sketch Face Line Outline

Then, I moved to creating the flower with tissue paper. I wanted to portray depth of the face being behind the flower, but still visible and tissue paper provided transparency that I wanted to achieve. Placing an outline of the face in Illustrator developed the composition further, but it lacked the contrast that I intended.

Tissue Paper Flower Face and Flower

Therefore, this made me use a different kind of material I had never used before. The lines created digitally represented a very thin linework, almost like wire. As a result, I created the face using wires and tape with digital retouching.

Wire Face1 Wire Face2

The first pass of the wired face was in attempt to be proportionally accurate. However, errors were still apparent when placed behind the flower digitally. Trying to keep the wires workable, while still being proportional was a challenge that ended up being unecessary. Instead, I decided to let the wire move itself, creating a face that was still recognizable, but not perfect.

Name Writing

What was left was creating the name. Handwriting type was a challenge as one wrong mistake meant re-writing the name. Eventually, I was able to land on the type shown here. It has a "flowing" character and a scriptlike nature. Combining everything together in Photoshop was a challenge, but once everything fit together in the composition, the final poster stands well.

Final Poster

Final Poster