Less-Waste Instant Ramen

Ramen Head Photo Ramen v2 Head Photo

Packaging today can be extremely wasteful with the prevelance of single-use plastics. As a result, this product strives to show steps towards eco-friendly solutions in an industry that has had very little diversity when it comes to packaging. A recycleable paper box and no plastic wrapping noodles reduces the amount of potential waste after this product is consumed.

Formulating the idea for this design came with years of consuming ramen and other single-use plastic products. As the topic of environmental sustainability becomes more prevalent, I wanted to create packaging for a potential product that could potentially help reduce unecessary waste, as well as potentially influence others to become more aware of the topic at large.


I wanted to create a style of branding that was simple in terms of iconography and direction. The icons created are stylized to be fun playful, but still allows a consumer to know what they are purchasing.

The colors started with a main orange and blue to denote what kind of flavor the box housed and the saturated orange was a high contrast solution for graphics for both main colors. The animal colors follow this saturation to appear forward on top of the main colors. Accent colors were used in order to add more detail to the noodle illustrations. All together, these aspects work to create a brand of ramen that is simple, while being housed in packaging that is meant to be looked at with further detail.

Branding Elements

Ramen Branding 1 Ramen Branding 2

Flat Design Layouts

Ramen Flat Photo Ramen v2 Flat Photo